5 Loved And Forgotten Fashion Trends

5 Loved And Forgotten Fashion Trends

5 Loved And Forgotten Fashion Trends

Fashion trends keep on changing. Every morning we wake up to something new. The fashion industry is booming and getting bigger by the day. Our hardworking and creative designers are working day and night to introduce recent trends, cuts, and designs. When a specific fashion becomes a trend, people start following it insanely. Everyone rushes to follow the trend and be first. This craze is insane and exciting. 

Isn’t it amusing how some fashion trends were popular during a specific era, and after some time, they are forgotten as if they never existed? 

You can still shop for vintage clothing items from different online stores. Yes, Many E-commerce stores still offer vintage clothes for people who want to cherish the old fashion trends.

In the article below, I will mention some of the most loved fashion trends that are now forgotten entirely. So let’s have a look. 

Butt-Ripped Jeans: 

You might have heard about ripped Jeans many times. Also, you must have styled them in tons of ways. But have you ever heard about styling a butt Ripped jeans? Yes, butt-ripped jeans became famous in 2016 when kylie Jenner world’s fashion and beauty sensation, posted a picture with them. Her fans went crazy over this unique and stylish fashion trend and started following their fashion idol. 

The trend of Butt-Ripped Jeans did not last very long, they vanished from the markets soon, and now people have completely forgotten them. 

Vinyl Shoes: 

In 2018, the Vinyl shoes grabbed public attention at once. They were transparent black and white long shoes that became popular instantly. Chanel’s Spring collection 2018 featured these shoes, and soon after, Kim Kardashian (A Famous social media sensation and influencer) was also seen wearing these shoes. But this viral fashion trend died shortly after doctors warned about the hazardous nature of Plastic. It is dangerous for the skin and nails as there is a high risk of blisters and bacteria. 

Tear Away Pants: 

In the early 2000’s we witnessed a super unique trend of Tear Away Pants. These pants were also known as Snap Pants. The design was initially made for basketball players and other Athletic activities, as they were easy to remove in case of excessive heat and sweating. Kappa and Adidas were the two most famous brands for Tear away pants. These pants disappeared After the embarrassment of exposing one’s bare legs in public. After that incident, they became less popular, and now people barely know they existed. 


Dungarees, also known as Denim overalls, were the most famous fashion trend of the late ’90s. During the hip-hop era of the ’90s, Dungarees were wardrobe staple clothing items for everyone. They are equally popular among both genders. Many big stars of that time, including Queen Latifah, TLC, Tupac, Aaliyah, and the Spice Girls, were seen in Baggy denim outfits, and hence their fans started drooling over these clothing items. Over time, this clothing item became less popular, and now people barely talk about it. In the modern age, Dungarees are only popular among kids. 

Infinity scarves: 

Infinity scarves were one of the most popular spring/winter clothing accessories. These scarves were used to give a perfect finishing touch to winter outfits like cardigans, coats, and women jackets. Famous celebrities like Salena Gomez rocked this excellent winter accessory several times. These scarves were versatile, whether draped over once or wrapped around the neck. 

But these scarves became less popular and eventually extinct after a few years. Many other types of scarves have taken their place, and people have forgotten their existence. 

Wrapping up!!!

One of the interesting facts about fashion is that it comes and goes and then comes again after several decades. The clothing items popular during the 70 or ’80s came back with slight modifications, like Mom Jeans, Flannel shirts, Chokers, Floral Prints, neon colors, etc. 

 The fashion circle keeps going on, and it has no end. Above are some of the most popular and loved fashion trends of their time. Do you remember these trends? 

Also, what were your favorite fashion trends, and do you want them to return? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section below. 

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